Thung Wua Lean Beach, Chumphon, Thailand. Jet Ski's and Speedboats are prohibited. Beach not fulfilled of Umbrellas and of Tourists. JUST WHITE SAND AND CLEAR BLUE SEA. Be welcome !!! ... lean back, relax, enjoy your Holiday with Dive Chumphon.

last update : 14 December, 2022

New Season in the Andaman Sea

Whalesharks in Chumphon


Hello - Hello !

Sunny Regards
to all my Students
and all my
Divers and Snorkellers !!!








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I have 2 Oceans for you !!!

The new season in Chumphon is open now !
A few Whalesharks were coming over already !

And the season in the Andaman Sea starts in October again !
You would like to come with to an
"Eat-Sleep-Dive-Trip" ?

I need 100 students each year more !!!
... and I need 100 passengers for the Liveaboards to the Similans each year more !!!

Sorry, my web is almost in German.

I'm Werner, I'm from Germany, I'm a PADI Instructor, I'm living on our sunny
Thung Wua Lean Beach in Chumphon
and I'm working with the Chumphon Cabana Resort & Diving Center more than 17 years now.

But my English maybe is not so good like my Thai.

And I start my first attempt for you - some words in English too. I know, it don't will be complete tomorrow.
I will be very grateful for every comment and support !

But when you contact me I can guess everything what's there written in English in your mails. And I promise :
I will take good care for you !!!

Please, be welcome !!!

... and, please, feel free to contact me.


When you start your Thailand Holidays in Bangkok and move to South, so you have to go past Chumphon.
The sympathy City Chumphon is located on the East side of the Malaysian Peninsula on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, there where the boats leave to Koh Tao.
It's exactly half way from Bangkok to Phuket. Please, be welcome and have a Stop here too !

The "Chumphon Pinnacles", the last highlight of "PADI Island Koh Tao" all divers know well.
But for diving we don't have to go so long way. Closed to our beautiful "Thung Wua Lean Beach" (please, have a look) we can offer great Dive Sites too - our colorful islands "Moo Koh Ngam" the "Spiny Island of Chumphon". Still we have there for you Fishes !!! (Sorry, not only "fish", but a lot of Fishes !)

We have season the whole year. "Raining Season" (Summertime) the wind is blowing from West, so on our East cost it's calm and almost not so much rain. "Dry Season" (Wintertime) the wind is blowing from East. The weather is not sure, maybe rafting Sea and we can not go out for Diving. But not problem ! - I have 2 Oceans for you !!! We have a seat in my car and go past the "Isthmus of Gra" to the other side to the Andaman Sea to the white Liveaboards to the Similans !!! It's the Best what I can offer to you !!! I like it too much !!!

Warm Regards from Chumphon for you and all your friends !!!
... and to everybody who like to learn Scuba Diving with me and/or come with to the Similans !!!


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